Lead Out Sports is a distributor of high quality bicycle products in Australia and New Zealand. Our team is comprised of experinced bicycle industry professionals who have seen it all and used it all, across almost every discipline of cycling. Currently Lead Out Sports is the Australia and New Zealand distributor for leading brands from around the world including SMOOVE Lube, Abbey Bike Tools, Pedro's, Redshift Sports, Unite Co, Efficient Velo, Radar Labs, Elevation Wheel Co, and Orucase.


Although we deal mostly with retailers we do also provide most of our product range via this website - it's the 2020's and convenience is king. BUT if you can pick up one of our products from a bike shop, please do. We can't help fit it or tweak it after your first ride...or make you a coffee!

Our philosophy
We have come across two instantly memorable and powerful quotes, which we love to share - this is 99% of what you need to know about Lead Out Sports:
  1. 'The price is what you pay. Value is what you get.'  - Warren Buffet
  2. 'Doing the right thing is always the right thing.'  - Gary Vee


Lead Out Sports only deals with high quality, heavily featured, and in many cases fairly unique products. We intentionally seek out and connect with people and brands that do things a little differently to the main stream, and do it very, very well. The products that come from this mission are not the 'cheapest', however they provide absolutely amazing value to the user in the way that they improve the ride experience. Our range provides riders and retailers with best in class quality and features that provide excellent alternatives to some of the more prominent names in the market, as well as providing workshops and mechanics with an unmatched suite of specialty tools, cleaners and lubricants.


It is always our goal to support our range of products and our customer base with fantastic and transparent support. Dealing with the highest quality products avoids many issues and we take pride in ensuring that quality support is provided to complete the package. Helping with tech issues and questions, set up, getting odd small parts for an older item or personally delivering an urgent late night care package are things that we enjoy doing. Doing the right thing for people is easy as we have made this an explicit priority in our business - we believe that for all businesses, and as citizens, this is the only sustainable long term 'strategy'.